Nubeà presents | green garden enigma collection

8 January 2020

Nature sometimes hides amazing secrets. Embraces and greets mysterious looks. Confessions, intimate whispers. Hidden enigmas. We only can steal instants of such intensity through a gaze and be conquered by all Nubea’s products strength ad efficacy and by the synergy between its precious Essential Oils and Vegetal Extracts.

The secrets of formulas that made a delicate balance between nature and technology their reason for being, are told here in an intimate and green space. In such an amazing setting, the protagonists of this new Nubeà 2020 campaign move and experiment the harmony, strength and relief of Nubeà products. Nubeà is a line conceived for total wellness that pervades the senses and stimulates scalp and hair strength, vitality and health.

Their statuesque, sunny and glowing beauty is a metaphor for a beauty that only hair in a perfectly healthy condition can have. Their charm enlivens the images telling about all the energy of a nature that puts its precious treasures at the service of your hair’s beauty and health.

video here


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